Lacy Consulting Group provides advisory services to US and international clients on the technical, regulatory, and policy issues associated with the business of nuclear energy. Clients include project sponsors, government agencies and the financial community.

Lacy Consulting Group advises US and non-US project sponsors, governments and investors on nuclear related strategic business issues. Activities have included:

  • Nuclear transaction advisor, buy side
  • Generation and Transmission Cooperative advisor for nuclear partnering opportunities, incuding Small Modular Reactors
  • Nuclear decommissioning, spent nuclear fuel, and low level waste advisor to state governments
  • Advisor to international re-insurance companies on nuclear, including Fukushima, risks and opportunities
  • Briefings and presentations to national and regional trade associations
  • Presentations to banks regarding nuclear issues
  • Advisor to large global company evaluating North American nuclear investment and partnering options, providing counsel and introductions to regulators, policy makers, utilities, vendors, and financial interests.
  • Advisor to non-US consulting firm acting on behalf of non-US clients interested in the US nuclear industry and market
  • Advisor to investment fund managers
  • Annual Nuclear Financial Surveys and publishing Wall Street on Nuclear (tm) reports
  • Speaking at conferences and interviews with media (industry activities)

Prior to founding Lacy Consulting Group in 2006, Mr. Lacy had twenty seven years of nuclear power plant and utility management experience with Alliant Energy and its predecessor companies involving virtually all aspects of commercial nuclear power. In addition to his management responsibilities for licensing, operation, engineering and business functions, he also led major projects involving spent nuclear fuel, development of a five company seven power plant nuclear operating company, and the sale of Alliant Energy's nuclear assets. 

Mr. Lacy is a recognized speaker and writer on nuclear issues both in the US and internationally (See Industry Activites above).


He publishes the weekly Merchant Nuclear Index™ (MNI™) of merchant US nuclear power and co-sponsors with Chappaqua Capital Consultants the annual Nuclear Financial Surveys and publishes the series, Wall Street on Nuclear (see above). 


Mr. Lacy holds a B.S. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He served four years as an officer in the US Army.

US 319.396.1932 Office

US 319.389.5226 Cell

Lacy Nuclear Index (LNI™)

May 3, MNI™ reclaims lead over DJUA and natural gas. 

MNI =277.57, up 0.4%, see details.

The MNI in 2012: beating the Dow Jones Utilty Average.

Lacy Financier Surveys

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